AS Audio offer wide range of DJ mixer online F series is a line of professional DJ mixers designed for the most demanding We offer many features and controls, making them ideal for experienced DJs. The F & M series also features a high-quality build, creating durability and reliability.

Some of the features of the F series DJ mixers include:

✔ With USB and Bluetooth connectivity
✔ Inputs: Two phono/line switchable(RCA), Four Line(RCA) Mic(1/4”).
✔ Microphone input with EQ.

Some of the features of the M series DJ mixers include:

✔ Three-channel DJ scratch mixer featuring must-have mix essentials for any DJ setting, from weddings to clubs, parties to practice setups
✔ Three-band EQs on each channel and dedicated cue control
✔  Made-to-move, style-driven design – Sleek, robust, and ultra-portable design with rackmount facilities included.

Both the F series and M series DJ mixers are from AS Audio DJ, a leading manufacturer of DJ equipment. Shop DJ mixer online from AS Audio it’s known for its high-quality products and innovative features.

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Q. What types of DJ mixers are available on AS Audio's website?

AS Audio offers a variety of DJ mixers, including the M4 and M6 models

Q. What are the key features of the DJ Mixer M4?

The DJ Mixer M4 features three channels, making it suitable for various DJ settings such as weddings, clubs, parties, and practice setups

Q. How does AS Audio ensure a superior sound experience with its DJ mixers?

AS Audio offers premium audio system solutions, including power amplifiers and DJ speakers, to enhance the sound quality

Q. Is the DJ Mixer M6 suitable for professional DJs?

Yes, the DJ Mixer M6, part of the M Series, is an ideal choice for professional DJs seeking specific features

Q. Can I purchase DJ mixers online from AS Audio's website?

Yes, you can buy DJ mixers online from AS Audio’s website at cheap prices

Q. What are some common features of AS Audio's DJ mixers?

Common features of AS Audio’s DJ mixers include multiple channels, scratch capabilities, and suitability for various settings